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Dust control regulations required by the evaluation standard for green construction of Construction Engineering

Pubdate:2022-04-18 Views: 20Times Tags:

The evaluation standard for green construction of construction engineering requires that the dust control shall comply with the following provisions: 1. A watering and cleaning system shall be established on the site, equipped with watering equipment, and a special person shall be responsible for it. 2 dust suppression measures shall be taken for exposed ground and intensively stacked earthwork. 3 vehicles transporting earthwork, muck and other dust prone vehicles shall be closed or covered. 4. The inlet and outlet of the site shall be equipped with flushing pool and moisture absorption pad, and the vehicles entering the mountain shall be kept clean. 5. Building materials that are easy to fly and fine particles shall be stored in a closed manner, and the remaining materials shall be recycled in time. 6 for construction operations prone to dust, measures such as shielding…

Dust reduction measures on construction site

Pubdate:2022-04-17 Views: 25Times Tags:

When it comes to construction sites, the first impression is that there are pits dug on the ground, muck trucks on the ground, dust flying from high-altitude floors and soil Brown everywhere... Construction sites inevitably exist for the construction and development of the city. Construction sites with many materials often produce noise, vibration, dust, soil residue, etc., which may affect the working conditions and labor hygiene of construction personnel at least, or affect and destroy the original production and living environment in the area, resulting in public hazards. Among these problems, dust pollution particularly affects public life and travel. The state has also made a series of regulations for dust prevention at the construction site: the construction site is completely enclosed; There shall be no floating soil after hardening of roads, processing areas / living areas at the construction site;…

Environmental conduit for waste from any kind of high-rising building engineering

Pubdate:2022-04-01 Views: 66Times Tags:

A waste of high building construction and environmental protection tube, comprising a plurality of a big head shape and end to end the short tube, mutually fixed hanger and connectors, environmental protection conduit is fixed on the high-rise buildings on the body bracket, comprising a buffer tube, wherein the buffer tube is L type setting, the buffer tube spool thread and the connection, the buffer pipe is arranged in the buffer layer, need to building waste transport, can be guided to the ground by building environmental engineering waste pipe, waste in the waste of high building construction environmental protection tube is going down to the ground when the internal buffer by buffer tube the tube is L, buffer settings, can be supported in a vertical falling waste, make the acceleration of gravity is smaller, and the buffer layer can play…