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Dust reduction measures on construction site

When it comes to construction sites, the first impression is that there are pits dug on the ground, muck trucks on the ground, dust flying from high-altitude floors and soil Brown everywhere... Construction sites inevitably exist for the construction and development of the city. Construction sites with many materials often produce noise, vibration, dust, soil residue, etc., which may affect the working conditions and labor hygiene of construction personnel at least, or affect and destroy the original production and living environment in the area, resulting in public hazards.
Among these problems, dust pollution particularly affects public life and travel. The state has also made a series of regulations for dust prevention at the construction site: the construction site is completely enclosed; There shall be no floating soil after hardening of roads, processing areas / living areas at the construction site; The floor construction waste is collected and transported by special construction waste channel; Materials that are easy to produce dust in the construction plant must be stored in the warehouse; Standardize the management of muck transport vehicles and out of site flushing Management
So, what dust reduction measures are there on the construction site?
Enclosure spray system, fog gun machine. At present, the conventional army for dust reduction on construction sites. Low water consumption, high utilization rate, low comprehensive cost, easy construction and installation.
Intelligent car washing table. According to the requirements of municipal, transportation and other departments for construction vehicles, an intelligent car washing station can be set at the exit of the construction site. All vehicles of all sizes on the construction site can be washed out to effectively eliminate the pollution of urban roads.
Tower crane spray dust reduction system. The water spraying system sprays water in an omni-directional and zero dead angle fog within the rotation range of the tower crane to effectively absorb the dust and impurities in the air and control the dust on the construction site from spreading outward. The size of water mist can be controlled to cover the construction site in an all-round way for dust reduction. At the same time, it has the effects of wet water curing of concrete on the construction site and fire fighting on the construction site (it must be installed by personnel with professional skills).
It is strictly forbidden to throw the construction waste on the floor at high altitude. The construction waste shall be collected and transported to the ground dustbin through a special construction waste channel, and sprayed at the outlet of the waste pipeline.

Atmospheric environment online monitoring system. 24-hour continuous monitoring of PM2 on the construction site 5. PM10, noise, wind speed and other parameters can be configured to be linked with enclosure spray, tower crane spray, fog gun and other equipment. When the value reaches a certain level, the equipment will be automatically started for dust reduction, accurate dust suppression, energy conservation and environmental protection.
More and more construction sites begin to pay attention to dust reduction on construction sites, which not only gives the public a better living and travel environment, but also brings a healthier working environment for construction workers. I believe our world will be better!