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Dust control regulations required by the evaluation standard for green construction of Construction Engineering

The evaluation standard for green construction of construction engineering requires that the dust control shall comply with the following provisions:

1. A watering and cleaning system shall be established on the site, equipped with watering equipment, and a special person shall be responsible for it.

2 dust suppression measures shall be taken for exposed ground and intensively stacked earthwork.

3 vehicles transporting earthwork, muck and other dust prone vehicles shall be closed or covered.

4. The inlet and outlet of the site shall be equipped with flushing pool and moisture absorption pad, and the vehicles entering the mountain shall be kept clean.

5. Building materials that are easy to fly and fine particles shall be stored in a closed manner, and the remaining materials shall be recycled in time.

6 for construction operations prone to dust, measures such as shielding and dust suppression shall be taken.

7. Dust reduction measures shall be taken for demolition blasting operation.

8 high altitude garbage removal and transportation shall be completed by closed pipeline or vertical transportation machinery.

9. The bulk cement and ready mixed mortar used on site shall be provided with airtight and dustproof measures.

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