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Decoration garbage passage

Decoration waste refers to the waste generated by residents and business units in the process of decoration and decoration of houses, mainly including waste masonry and concrete, bricks, dust and gravel, as well as disassembled glass, doors and windows, metal doors and windows and railings, as well as waste wires and tubes, wood, packaging paper, etc. all leftover decorative materials and wall smashing waste left by decoration belong to decoration waste, Wall smashing garbage can sometimes be classified into the category of construction and decoration garbage.

The generated decoration waste is generally cleaned and collected manually, transported or bagged by trolley, and then transported by construction elevator, hoisted outside the window, and manually transported from each floor to the ground for centralized treatment. The whole process has to be transported for many times, which not only requires a lot of labor and working hours, but also occupies the elevator. Garbage leaks into the corridor or elevator, affecting other residents, and even causing dust pollution and other potential hazards.

In order to solve these problems, many decoration companies have come up with methods such as nailing decoration boards or welding steel plates into square pipes, and using plastic drainage pipes as garbage channels. However, there are some disadvantages, such as high production and installation costs and non reuse.

Based on the characteristics of domestic buildings and relevant specifications of the construction industry, Longkang environmental protection company has developed a series of decoration waste channels that meet the requirements of code for green construction of Building Engineering (GB / t50905-2014), evaluation standard for green construction of Building Engineering (GB / t50604-2010) and standard for environment and sanitation of construction site (JGJ 146-2004). The garbage passage is made of imported polyethylene PE material. It is a conical cylinder and a conical cylinder with a dropping port. The upper edge of the conical cylinder is equipped with hanging plates. Several conical cylinders can be inserted together and connected with chains and hanging plates. EPE material is used to seal between the cylinders to prevent dust leakage. The cylinder is convenient for installation and forms a vertical construction garbage passage. The length of the passage can be arbitrarily extended according to the floor of the residence, Moreover, the pipe can be bent arbitrarily according to the needs. The cylinder damaged during use can be easily replaced at the connection of hanging plate and chain. The channel system can be equipped with mounting bracket, hoisting system, dust-proof spraying system, buffer device and air dustbin as required.

Longkang decoration waste channel has the advantages of light weight, convenient installation, disassembly and replacement, impact strength and buffer strength, reducing transmission noise, repeated and repeated recycling, waste still has high recycling value, reducing air scattering, reducing falling objects hurting people, restraining dust hazards, etc. it is deeply loved by many decoration companies.