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High density plastic chute

Debris chute applications:

Construction debris collection ,conveyor and debris disposal for high rising building engineering and decoration.

Features of high density chute:

  • Durable for heavy duty conditions
  • Less noise than other material chute
  • Easy and quick erection
  • Lower PM2.5 pollution on job site
  • Enough thickness 5mm and advanced injection molding  formed quality guarantee instead of rotation molding
  • Optimal designing size and shape
  • 3mm ear hanger with lock of wire,6mm chains
  • 13kg weight  in total

Connection one to another by chains and ears -guidance:

Two ears both sides to connect the under chute two chains,then native chains connect to upper chute's ears,

like this way ,one by one into a system vertically erected on building by supporter customized. the chains both all same

length 1 meter,it's well matched the building height to setup chute volume.


Warranty:5 years


Design Style:Traditional

Place of Origin:China

Brand Name:longcom

Type:Basic application


Color:red or other

Thickness:5  mm

Product name:Construction debris removal system

Technology:Injection molding

Length:1.28 m