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Construction waste tank

1. Basic product parameters:

The diameter of the lower opening is 500mm, the diameter of the upper opening is 580mm, the height of the cylinder is 1250mm, the dropping opening is 400mm ╻ 400mm, the wall thickness of the cylinder is 5mm, the thickness of the galvanized hinge is 8mm, the wall thickness of the hook stainless steel earring is 3mm, the length of the hinge is 980mm, and the self weight of the single assembled cylinder is 13kg.

2. Product application

Product industry use

Clean up the construction waste in the construction engineering industry, clean up the decoration industrial waste in the decoration engineering industry, and transfer the waste in high-rise buildings in other industries.

It is installed in the patio inside the building, on the outer wall of the building, and with span suspension.

Composition of complete set of products

It is composed of cylinder with dropping opening, garbage channel cylinder, hinge connecting metal parts and their fasteners, hinges and accessories, including single arm hanger, double arm load-bearing support, patio support, etc.

Installation method of construction waste channel

According to the space constraints and use requirements of the site, the construction waste channel can flexibly combine custom installation methods and be installed in the space vertically connecting the bottom floor and the top floor, such as indoor ventilation shaft, elevator shaft or reserved hole, outdoor wall, channel end, balcony edge, etc.

External wall hoisting:

The combined garbage chute is linked through a single hanger and slowly lifted in place through various lifting tools such as lifting machine and electric hoist. The pre installed double cantilever lifting rack locks the whole. The double arm hanger plays a segmented load-bearing and impact resistance role. The double arm load-bearing hanger must reach a bearing capacity of 3 tons. The branch shelves with guiding and stabilizing functions are installed and fixed in layers according to the site conditions, and finally form a safe, stable and application-oriented overall structure.

As shown in the figure below

Hoisting in the patio:

The combined garbage chute is linked through a single hanger, slowly lifted in place by various lifting tools such as lifting machine and electric hoist, and the pre installed well shaped cantilever frame is locked, which is the same as the installation method of the outer wall.

As shown in the figure below

Large span hoisting:

For the long-span hoisting method, it is the same as the external wall hoisting, but all load-bearing hangers are at the top. Therefore, they can be installed at will when the total length is not more than 50m, and if it is more than 50m, a load-bearing support will be reinstalled to connect, so that the total height can meet various needs.