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Characteristics of construction waste channel

1. Use the reserved ventilation pipe shaft or daylighting shaft of high-rise buildings, or install a garbage conveying channel on the outer wall to directly put the garbage into the garbage channel, and the garbage is transported to the designated ground garbage collection box through the pipeline under the action of gravity.

2. Imported polyethylene material is adopted, which is light in weight and convenient for installation, disassembly and replacement.

3. It has good impact strength and buffer strength, and reduces transmission noise.

4. Reduce throwing in the air, reduce injuries caused by falling objects and suppress building dust.

5. The product is large at the top and small at the bottom, with a certain taper. It is packaged together to save storage and transportation space.

6. It can be bent arbitrarily within a certain range to facilitate waste transportation to the specified position.

7. It can be reused for many times, and the waste still has high recycling value.

8. The product has wear resistance, high impact strength, (20 ± 2) ℃, 1.0kg weight, D90 drop hammer, 1.5m high impact, no crack and damage.

9. UV resistance and weather resistance of the material are good. It is F2 grade of UV exposure test recognized by UL agency in the United States through outdoor product test.

10. It can climb with the climbing frame, and can also be used as pump washing pipe. Concrete mortar, waste water, etc. can be directly transported to the ground through the channel to realize multi-purpose of one pipe.


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