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Vertical transport channel of construction waste

During the construction of the main structure of high-rise buildings, due to various processes such as formwork construction, concrete transportation, concrete vibration and wall masonry, concrete will be thrown and leaked, resulting in a certain amount of construction waste dominated by concrete materials and formwork waste. In the decoration construction, construction waste mainly composed of floor mortar and concrete chiseling fragments will also be generated. The generated construction waste is generally cleaned and collected manually, transported or bagged by trolley, and then transported from each floor to the ground by vertical transportation equipment such as construction elevator or tower crane for centralized treatment. The whole process has to be transported for many times, which not only requires a lot of labor and man hours, which is inefficient, but also occupies the scarce vertical transportation equipment, and even directly throws construction waste at high altitude, resulting in dust pollution and potential harm.

On the basis of many years of OEM production of construction waste tanks for customers in Southeast Asia, combined with domestic construction characteristics and relevant specifications of the construction industry, Longkang company has developed a series of waste tanks that comply with the code for green construction of Construction Engineering (GB / t50905-2014), the evaluation standard for green construction of Construction Engineering (GB / t50604-2010) and the environmental and health standards for construction sites The vertical conveying channel of construction waste required by JGJ 146-2004 standard. The garbage passage is made of imported polyethylene PE material, which is a conical cylinder and a conical cylinder with a dropping port. The upper edge of the conical cylinder is equipped with hanging plates. Several conical cylinders can be inserted together and connected with chains and hanging plates. EPE material is used to seal between the cylinders to prevent dust leakage. The cylinders are convenient for installation and form a vertical construction garbage passage, The length of the channel can be expanded and retracted as required, and the pipe can be bent as required. The cylinder damaged during use can be easily replaced at the connection of hanging plate and chain. The channel system can be equipped with installation support, hoisting system, dust spraying system, buffer device and air dustbin as required.