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Construction waste pipeline

During the construction of the main structure of high-rise buildings, due to various processes such as formwork construction, concrete transportation, concrete vibration and wall masonry, concrete will be thrown and leaked, resulting in a certain amount of construction waste dominated by concrete materials and formwork waste. In the decoration construction, construction waste mainly composed of floor mortar and concrete chiseling fragments will also be generated. The generated construction waste is generally cleaned and collected manually, transported or bagged by trolley, and then transported from each floor to the ground by vertical transportation equipment such as construction elevator or tower crane for centralized treatment. The whole process has to be transported for many times, which not only requires a lot of labor and man hours, which is inefficient, but also occupies the scarce vertical transportation equipment, and even directly throws construction waste at high altitude, resulting in dust pollution and potential harm.

In this regard, the notice on Further Strengthening the dust control on construction sites and roads issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in 2019 (jbz [2019] No. 23) puts forward strict requirements for local construction competent departments at all levels to strengthen the dust control on construction sites, and clearly points out that the removal and transportation of construction waste in buildings should be carried out by appliances or pipelines, and it is strictly prohibited to throw it at will. At the same time, it is required to strengthen the patrol and random inspection of the construction site, urge the construction unit and the construction unit to actively take effective dust prevention and dust reduction measures, strictly urge the construction unit and the construction unit to implement the responsibility of dust control on the construction site, and order the construction unit and the construction unit to make corrections and impose a fine in accordance with the provisions if they find any illegal acts of the construction unit and the construction unit; Those who refuse to make corrections shall be ordered to stop work for rectification.


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